Meet with the locals who will cook up a homemade dish, while you learn about their culture and lifestyle.

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'Meet with the the Locals' would like to give tourists around the world a more unique, personal and authentic local experience while travelling.

Here you join the local people, who will cook up a homemade dish for you, while you learn more about each other as well as the culture and lifestyle. We are sure they have some tales to tell you.

We invite you inside to Meet the Locals in their own cosy homes to share dinner and great conversation together.

Thousands of visitors have met our hosting families in Denmark where 'Meet the Danes' have existed since 2001. During these social dinners many of our hosts and guests have formed friendships around the globe.

Meet with the Locals is an opportunity to visit the local people where you eat together and discover more about diversity, each other and other people’s way of living.


In 2003 'Meet the Danes' received the Danish award called The Initiative Award from “Fonden for Turismens Fællesråd”.

In 2002 Meet the Danes received a prestigious International tourism award (British Guild of Travel Writers’ Silver Otter Award) for 'BEST OVERSEAS TOURISM PROJECT'.
An award we of course were very happy and proud to receive. This recognition, which has been featured in medias worldwide, has further increased the huge interest in Meeting the Locals.

Therefore 'Meet the Danes' has just expanded to the rest of the world via the site 'Meet with the Locals'.

What's needed now are hosts from 'around the globe' so other people can enjoy this concept. So If you think this sounds like fun and you like cooking, meeting people from around the world and would like to earn a bit extra money then sign up as a host here

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host image Gülşah Ayhan G%c3%bcl%c5%9fah ayhan medium

Learn to Cook and Eat Traditional Turkish Food

Gülşah Ayhan

Country: Turkey

Description: Hello, I am Gülşah, a marketing professional in business life and a chef in my house. I love...

Age: 42 years old

Languages: English

Max 3 persons per event

host image Taka in Sendai, Japan 171023 800x800 medium

Japanese Everyday Dinner with a View

Taka in Sendai, Japan

Country: Japan

Description: Hi dear guests, I'm Taka, a Japanese. I run a small translation/marketing company here in Sendai ...

Age: 37 years old

Languages: English, Japanese, Italian (little bit)

Max 3 persons per event

host image grest Kpime medium

Sommelier's Special


Country: Greece

Description: Me and wife are raising our little daughter and enjoy occasionally meeting new people. We have a ...

Age: 39 years old

Languages: English, Estonian, Greek, German

Max 3 persons per event

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