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The season decides

Torben & Mai in Hellerup, Copenhagen

(age: 64)

Hellerup, Denmark

We are Mai and Torben, a couple in the 50’ties, living in an old house with a garden, a conservatory and a terrace. We prefer – spring and summer - to eat as far “out” as possible, depending on the weather.
We have three kids in university, and they live close by or in our house, so you might meet them. You will certainly meet one of our cats. The other will probably stay away when guests arrive.
Both for leisure and work we travel a lot, and it is always nice to meet “the locals”. In that way we learn a lot of that country and it's people. We will like to ”pay back” by letting other travelers like you come to our home.

Scandinavian, English, some German, very little French

Hellerup is a pleasant suburb just 10 minutes by train from central Copenhagen. We live 3 minutes’ walk from the station and 10 minutes’ walk from two harbors and a beach.

Journalist and IT engineer


Fantastic Fun & Friendship

Our family had a great evening of fun and fantastic food that Torben and his family had prepared. All of the kids enjoyed talking about college/university, jobs, movies, etc. We had some lively discussions over dinner that covered everything from taxes to robotics and autonomous cars! In all, it was a great time! Many thanks to Torben, Ida, and Magnus!!

Nice People!

Hosts Torben (and family in my case) were extremely hospitable and turned the evening into a very pleasant and stimulating one
Trip into Copenhagen's suburbs to be with people in THEIR environment rather than tourist areas well worth it
Good food, Good company and a fun filled evening all add up to a a rare travel experience
To be repeated

Wonderful evening

Thoroughly enjoyed our evening with our hosts Torban and Mai. Their home was easily accessed by public transportation. It was a lovely evening. So we sat outdoors overlooking their charming backyard and had wine and appetizers. At the time they had a cat that had three young kittens which was fun.
The conversation was mostly about family and travel. The food was delicious, Torban is a great cook. We had fresh fish, fresh vegetables and meats on the grill , and plenty of wine! Highly recommend!

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