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Japanese Everyday Dinner with a View

Taka in Sendai, Japan

(age: 40)

Sendai, Japan

Hi dear guests,

I'm Taka, a Japanese. I run a small translation/marketing company here in Sendai and as my work involves traveling abroad, I'd always enjoyed authentic local experiences wherever I go. So I hope I can offer something like that to those who visit my city, Sendai. 

My work is pretty much like little bit of many things. But what I do include translation (JP-EN), producing tourism website, collaborating with local craft studio to sell abroad, and beekeeping.

English, Japanese, Italian (little bit)

Locals would call our area "Atagobashi area." It's a nice and quiet area by Hirose river that runs through Sendai. Across the river from our home is a little hill that has Atago shrine on top. It is close to the city center yet very green.

Translator, Beekeeper, Marketer

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