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Dinner in a green family-friendly area

Agne in Søborg, Greater Copenhagen

(age: 45)

Søborg, Denmark

I am Lithuanian living in Denmark for almost five years, before that I spent ten years in Germany and two years in Istanbul. I enjoy cooking. In Denmark I learnt to bake the famous rye bread. My meals are a mixture of oriental and classic North European flavours. However it is only me and my little daughter to consume our meal, therefore, I don't cook so often (my daughter prefers pasta and sausages). I like to invite friends for brunch on weekends, or for dinner after work. When I have guests from meetthedanes, I try to show them elements of the danish cuisine: open sandwiches with home made rye bread, local vegetables in salads and a meat dish.

English, German, Russian, Lithuanian, Polish, Turkish, little French, little Danish

It is a green area with new buildings in den gammle TV byen, i.e. area where formerly the public television was situated. From the windows you can see a pond with ducks swimming in it. There are a lot of children playing outside if the weather is fine. It is a family friendly neighbourhood. It is possible to eat outside at the pond if the weather allows. It is also possible to have dinner in the balcony for a company of two people.

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